The Ultrasound Clinic offers a very effective service as as a first line investigation for NHS patients for the following areas;

Upper Abdominal Scan - to assess major organs in the upper abdomen (fasting for 4-6 hours is required)

Kidneys, Ureters and Bladder - to assess the kidneys, ureters and bladder(and prostate in men). Full bladder required

Testes and Scrotum - to assess both testes and scrotum. The kidneys may also be examined (No prep required)

Abdominal Aorta- detailed scan to assess the main blood vessel leading away from the heart. Particularly recommended for men over 60, smokers and those with a family history of aortic aneurysms (No prep required)

Pelvis (Pre and post menopause) - assessment of the uterus (womb) endometrium (lining of womb). A full bladder will be required. A transvaginal (TV) may be performed.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) Ultrasound is in high demand due to sports injuries, repetitive strain injury, and conditions such a arthritis

We offer this investigation for persistent and often distressing aches and pains.

Lumps & Bumps and groins - we also offer high resolution scanning for groins and lumps & bumps such as ganglions, cysts and lipomas.


PLEASE NOTE:  A referral from your GP is required.